Frederick S. Foster, CCS, CPT, CPRHS,
Extreme Health Seminars Coach Fred “The Hammer” Foster has been a successful fitness professional, author, seminar leader, corporate trainer, keynote speaker and radio talk show host having helped thousands of people improve their health and well being for nearly three decades. A vibrant and energetic speaker and author of the books

  • Extreme Health!
    • -The Inner Laws Of Total Wellness Revealed!
  • Be Your Own Boss!
    • -The Inner Laws Of Business Success Revealed!
  • Be Your Own Boss!
    • -The Ultimate Course on How to Succeed In Sales


Coach Fred walks his talk everyday having fired Corporate America long ago to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and never turning back.

Coach Fred is recognized by the National Strength Professionals Association as a Certified Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Post Rehabilitation Specialist and a Certified Fitness Instructor. He is recognized by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates as a Certified Personal Trainer. Coach Fred is certified in Community CPR by the American Red Cross

Health Exercise Seminars


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Listen Online at www.woldcnews.com Does your body feel as if it’s sabotaging itself? Are you tired of buying bigger and bigger clothes to hide your problem areas? Are the risks of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease a concern for you? Are you suffering from an accident, injury or illness that inhibits your ability to perform physical tasks? Could you benefit from the guidance of a qualified and proven fitness coach to direct you through the maze of false information and media marketing gimmicks disguised as exercise programs?

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PrivacyThe Fred Foster Fitness Company and Extreme Health Seminars have been the leading fitness consultant company serving the Maryland, DC, Virginia mid-Atlantic region for nearly three decades. A pioneer in the concept of in-home personal training and work site wellness programs, FFFC has developed a functional, real world, easy to learn system designed to get you into the best shape of your life WITH OR WITHOUT EQUIPMENT. Because to FFE everything is fitness equipment…the floor, a chair, the stairs, a broomstick, your child’s toys, a can of peas…it does not matter. We get results!